What is Sportsbook

Do you like to gamble? Are you a Malaysia sports fan? You are in the right place!

When the UEFA European Championship, Football World Cup, Cricket World Cup or any other major sporting event is happening, we know that it's time to get our bets in. It doesn't matter if you're a casual bettor or an experienced player- betting on sports is fun and can be very rewarding.

Sports betting is placing a bet with a sportsbook or bookmaker on the outcome of a sports game or event. Traditionally the most popular form of sports betting was horse racing. However, with the advent of online sports betting sites, our options have massively increased with a vast selection of sports to bet on from all over the world.

We now have the chance to bet on international sporting events such as NFL American Football, FIFA World Cup and NBA American Basketball, to name just some of the most popular ones.

Football, cricket, netball, hockey, boxing and more, whatever your favourite sport, you’ll be sure to be able to bet on it. Watching the players or teams we support is always exciting and placing a wager on the game makes it even more nail-biting and thrilling.

Sports betting is nothing new; if we go back to ancient times, people would bet on the outcomes of chariot races. Popular traditional Malay games such as Speak Takraw have been played and wagered on since the 15th Century. As with many other aspects of our lives, the digital age has changed the landscape of sports betting and for the better. As Malaysia, it’s not like we have many alternative options anyway; we can’t just walk down to our local sports bookmaker and place a bet!

Let’s look at some of the benefits:


It’s never been a better time to access online sports betting sites in Malaysia, with faster internet connections and more sophisticated devices available to us. From our smartphones, with the tap of a few buttons, we can wager on sporting action 24-7 from all over the globe in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t matter where we are, either at home or on the go. In the bath, at the office or out for a meal. As long as you have your mobile device, you can place wagers on multiple sports at your leisure.

Not only that, but you also get the chance to bet on live games in real-time. If you suddenly get a good tip from a friend and decide to make a last-minute wager, the convenience of having your phone to hand means that you do just that.

Easy to Get Started

If you are new to online sports betting and are concerned that it might be challenging to understand, don’t be. It couldn’t be easier!

It’s as simple as this:

  • Open an account with basic information such as a username and password.
  • Once verified, you'll be able to login to the betting site.
  • Choose the deposit method that best suits you and deposit some funds into your account.
  • You now can start betting!
  • Choose the market you want to bet on from the sports listed on the sites. Once you click on your preferred sports, you'll see all the upcoming events available, and by clicking on one, you can see all the different types of bets you can make. Select the wager and how much you wish to stake.
Amazing Variety

Online betting offers a massive range of markets to choose from; whatever sport is your passion, it is likely catered for. It’s also a great introduction to sports that you might have never considered wagering on before. You’ll also be able to bet on exciting new emerging markets such as esports. Online sport betting sites also have more betting options than their bricks and mortar counterparts, giving you even more choice. Even if you stick to betting on only one sport and limit the different bet types, in the future, you still have the opportunity to expand your interests.

Make Money Having Fun

Sports betting can be an exciting hobby, and it’s not all down to luck like some gambling games you might play like slots or roulette. Successful sports bettors will do their research first rather than betting on instinct. They will check previous statistics, look at player history and so on before making a calculated bet. This build-up adds excitement, and when the actual event takes place, it makes it even more electrifying as you wait for your bet to win big!

Bonuses and Promotions

Another fantastic bonus that Online sports betting sites offer is bonuses and promotions to welcome new players and reward existing players. Some sites such as FIFO88 also provide cashback when you lose and rebates. These perks are basically an opportunity for sports bettors to top up their accounts with free money!

It is crucial that you bet at a secure and safe Malaysia betting website. While most sports betting sites you’ll find online are legitimate, there are rogue sites, who will steal your money.

Ensure that the site is reputable and licensed – We are fully licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Ensure that you can easily communicate with the sports betting site if needed – We provide our members with 24/7 customer support. You can chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable live chat representatives who have had extensive training to deal with any issues you might have. You can also submit a support ticket or contact us by email. We can also be reached at Facebook, Telegram, Skype or WeChat.

You’ll discover that there is a wide range of different wagers, and for the newbie sports bettor, it can be challenging to understand them all. Still, you don’t need to learn all the different types; just as much fun can be had with a few simple bets.

Single bet - The most common type of bet and the most popular is the single bet; many sports bettors stick to this one bet without even trying any others. A single bet is where you place a wager on what the outcome of an event will be. For instance, this could be for a rugby team to win a match, a tennis player winning the US open or a National football team winning the FIFA World Cup.

Each way bet - This bet is often used in horse racing, but also with football league and tournament betting, you are staking that the outcome is a win or place finish, typically second, third or fourth. Essentially it is a form of insurance bet; for instance, let's say you are a Manchester United fan and wanted to place an each-way bet. You would bet 10 ringgits for them to win and 10 ringgits to place, making 20 ringgits bet in total.

First goalscorer – This one is pretty self-explanatory; you wager on the first player to score a goal in a match. If you predict the correct outcome, you win. This bet can be applied to football or rugby, where it would be the first try scorer.

Whatever sport you are passionate about, we are likely to have you covered. This list is by no means exhaustive but includes horse racing, golf, rugby, basketball, American football, hockey, tennis, NASCAR, Grand Prix and UFC.

Some of the most popular sports Malaysia love to gamble on are football, cricket and boxing.

Football Sports Betting in Malaysia

Football isn’t only the most popular sport in Malaysia but the world. Our site provides you with the chance to wager on all the biggest and best football competitions and leagues on the planet.

If you follow the English Premiership League (EPL), you are not alone as it is the most-watched football league on the planet. If you want the chance to bet on teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and we certainly can’t forget Manchester United, we have you covered. If you love football, you might want to explore some of the other popular leagues, for instance, Germany's Bundesliga or the Spanish La Liga.

Cricket Sports Betting in Malaysia

Malaysia love cricket, and there are lots of betting opportunities for fans of the game, from test matches to faster-paced One Day International (ODI) events to the Cricket World Cup. You can make wagers such as win, place or each-way bets, top-scoring bowler, top-scoring batsman, the first player or team to score a century and more.

Boxing Sports Betting in Malaysia

Betting on fighting sports such as boxing and the more recent UFC is enjoyed by many Malaysian punters. It’s one of the simplest of sports to bet on; if your fighter defeats the other, you win the wager. If you believe the boxers are equally matched, you can bet on a draw.

While it’s easy to get started with online sports betting, where you might struggle is with the massive variety of markets to choose from. Our best tip is to start with the sport that you have the most passion for. The risks and pay-offs are different depending on the sport being wagered on, so it's always best to know the rules before placing any bets. Once you understand how to bet on your favourite sport, you are in a good position to branch out to others.

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you this but make sure that you bet responsibly and don’t wager more than you can afford.