What Are the Most Popular Esports Games?

There was a time when only two people were able to play a video game on the same platform, either competing or cooperating. However, now it's long gone, and thanks to the internet, numerous players can enjoy playing on international servers together or against each other. As a result, a new form of competition emerged - it's called esports, and it's all about one team competing with another like in regular sports but in video games.

Such tournaments have been a perfect opportunity for online gambling to cover, and nowadays, you can find a lot of esports betting opportunities. You can learn more about them below!

When you enter an esports betting site, you're likely to see numerous tournaments in various games. However, some of the most popular are as the following:

League of Legends (LOL)

This game revolves around two teams of five players who occupy their halves of the map and defend them. Every player controls their 'champion,' who is a character with special skills and styles of play. During a match, each team tries to develop their characters to become more powerful and defeat the opponents.


First developed as a mod to Warcraft III and now a standalone game, it's based on a similar principle as League of Legends. There are also two competing teams of up to five players controlling unique 'heroes' (as they're called here) who need to defend their central base structure and destroy the one owned by the opponents.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Both of the previous esports betting games are set in a fantasy world, while this one is more realistic, as it presents battles between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. A match is also played by two teams who need to compete with each other, but here it's more about planting bombs vs. deactivating them or capturing hostages vs. rescuing them. There are actually eight official game modes with their own specific characteristics.

Esports betting can be as exciting and profitable as traditional sports betting, and it combines numerous advantages. Some of the most significant ones are as the following:


As esports tournaments take place all year round and they aren't dependent on the seasons, you can always find something to enjoy online gambling and place your bets on. They can be easily watched on various platforms (such as Twitch) for free, so you can easily access them and experience the excitement of supporting your team wherever you are with no additional costs.

Independence from External Factors

Contrary to many traditional sports, online video games can be played regardless of various external factors - they are not likely to be canceled due to, for example, a pandemic or bad weather conditions. For this reason, in most cases, they take place as planned and don't let you miss your esports betting opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies Suitability

On such renowned online gambling platforms like SABA Esport, you can enjoy esport betting in various currencies, including cryptocurrencies. It provides you with more freedom to adapt this activity to your personal preferences and strategies.

Vivid Growth

Esports are growing and developing amazingly fast - they're much younger than such sports as horse racing or soccer but comparably popular in the online betting world now. Nothing shows that this trend is about to change - on the contrary, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has gained even more significance.

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